Who Is Padma Lakshmi Dating? The Host Sparks Dating Rumours!

Fans are dying to know who the famous Padma Lakshmi is dating. She has been an amazing author, television host and ardent activist. Padma has been active in the Entertainment industry for a long time.


She earned a popularity all around the globe for hosting the television program called as Top Chef on Bravo. Padma was a regular face on the show since the second season of the show. And her work has been noticed, believe us. She earned Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Reality Host back in the year 2009.


Padma Lakshmi: Her Dating Past

Padma has enjoyed a thriving career in her lifetime. But apart from this, she has also managed to grab a lot of attention for her personal life as well. She is one popular star who has been linked to other high profile celebrities.

Padma had dated the renowned author named Salman Rushdie back in year 2007. Then the Top Chef host decided to see a 70-year old businessman named Teddy Forstmann. Plus, she also dated Adam Dell for a long period of time. The split also ended up devolving into a lengthy court battle for the custody of their daughter.

Padma Lakshmi: Who is she dating now?

It seems that something interesting is cooking out there. Padma has a new man in her life. She was spotted by paparazzi some time back and this new information came to light. It seems that she is currently dating the poet Terrance Hayes. He is also the recipient of the MacArthur fellowship.

Well, we should probably clarify that the couple has not confirmed their relationship. The celebrity has not even commented on it through her Insta profile. Insiders have been telling that it is still early to judge what is happening between them. So, stay tuned for more information.

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