Who Is Pokimane Dating? Twitch Streamer Reveals Her Relationship Status

Pokimane is one of the best streamers on Twitch. Now, people are getting attentive because there are rumours surrounding her that she is dating someone. Due to these rumours, fans are left wondering what is happening in her life.


Firstly, let us find out a bit about this personality. Her real name is Imane Anys and she has the dual citizenship of Canada and Morocco. Her studies were done from McMaster University where she did chemical engineering. We should clarify that she dropped out of this course and started her streaming career full time. Now, as we all know she is one of the most highest followed people on the platform. She has amassed a follower number of 450,000.


Pokimane: Rise to Fame

The rise of fame is something which can be associated to Pokimane. She also has certain awards to her name. Shorty Awards recently named her the best streamer of the year. They ended up revealing how she got to this position. It was revealed that she had been streaming for a while now and her stream of League of Legends is a very famous one.

This went to such an extent that she also gave a cameo appearance while launching a new version of the game.

Pokimane: Who is she dating?

Now, let us get down to the question that all of you have been waiting for. Fans have been curious to know what is happening in the dating life of this streamer. Some of the rumours have revealed that she is lying about having a boyfriend. This is because there are some female streamers who had lost a lot of followers when they revealed that they were in a relationship.

Hence, it is pretty much understandable why she has not revealed that she is in a relationship, if that’s true.

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