Who Is Sodapoppin Dating? The Popular Streamer’s Personal Life

If you’re a gaming fan, then you may know the popular Twitch streamer and gamer Sodapoppin. His real name is Chance Morris and is widely known for his skills in the game called World of Warcraft.


The streamer began his career on the streaming platform known as XFire. Although the platform is now defunct, the popular streamer later switched to Twitch in 2012. Now, he has amassed a huge following of about 3.5 million subscribers on Youtube. Despite this success he has been a part of many controversies throughout his career.


Sodapoppin: Hiatus?

This event took place back in March. He announced to the world that he will be taking a break from the whole world of gaming. It meant that the character Kevin Whipaloo will also be undergoing through a hiatus.

The streamer also ended up citing several reasons for him going away. He said that the whole hobby had started to feel like an actual job. He had overestimated himself and was overworked because of the pressure of the industry.

He also added to it by saying that he wasn’t even enjoying the scenes in the game. It was pretty shrouded whether his character will be back or not. Further, he got banned from the Twitch streaming service after some inappropriate videos of him surfaced online.

Sodapoppin: Dating anyone?

Sodapoppin has been very hush hush about his personal life. Recently it was revealed that he was dating this fellow Twitch streamer named Lea May Currier. Now, we have to say it is still speculative at this point of time as there is no confirmation of this news. But, it was said that the two met during an event in Texas and immediately hit it off.

So, it seems that the relationship is done for now as several complications hit their way.

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