Why Does Warner Bros. Want 63% Of Tenet From Theatres? Is It Fair?

Warner Bros Production movie Tenet is going to be the first big-budget movie to be released in between the Prevailing Covid-19. The film is going to be released in international theaters on 26 August 2020 and on 3 September in the United States.


Warner Bros Demanded 63% Of Tenet From Theatres.

The theatre companies from the very beginning already had their eyes on Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie, As in this pandemic the theatres were hit badly so far and most of the well-known movies got released on several OTT platforms like Disney+, Netflix, HBO, and many more. This movie will be a hope for better sales for them but it seems that theatre couldn’t earn that well as they hope to be as Warner Bros had demanded them for 63% of all weekly sales



Normally there is an equal half deal or if more than 60% of the movie in theatres and the production company. But now in this case of Tenet Warner Bros is asking a very high deal of up to 63%

 Is It Fair?

When asking about the high percentage of movie sales Warner Bros stated that for them it is completely a normal rate as the movie’s budget is of $200 billion, and due to the prevailing situation the sales even get affected a bit because of the rules and regulations which government had put on So for recovering the money spent on the movie they have to increase the part of movie sale percent

 Other Requirements Made By Warner Bros.

Despite 63% of movie sale, The Warner Bros had also asked for certain conditions with the theatres like For single-screen theatres the movie should be shown for 4 weeks, for double screen theatres it should be shown for 5 and more weeks, for 3-8 screen the movie wants 8 weeks and if 9 and more than it should be aired for 12 weeks

Also, the theatres are strictly told to follow the guidelines and protocols related to the opening of theaters.

Theatres do have to come up with the terms and conditions which the WarnerBros had put on as The pandemic hadn’t left any choice of the bargain for them. Let’s see if Warner Bros would make some concessions or not.


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