Why Women Kill Season 3: Everything We Need To Know

Why Women Kill Season 3: Are you the one who is still waiting for Why Women Kill Season 3 to drop? Well it’s really obvious to wait for it, as it has done great since last 2 years. The show which is filled with full of comedy, anthology and drama has gathered a lot of fans. Being a fan you surely would have been waiting for the official date of when it is releasing. So let’s just get into and get to know each and every detail of Why Women Kill Season 3.


Get to Know Here Everything About Why Women Kill Season 3

Well the dates are yet to be announced by the makers, but as the success was seen in the previous season it is expected to get released in the starting of 2022. Also if you are a fan of Comedy-Drama lover, then you can never deny yourself from watching it.


The show was first aired on 15 August 2019 on original network CBS. Till now it has completed over 14 episodes successfully with 40-56 minutes of each episode running time. However, this was possible because of the talented producers like Stephan Bowman, Anna Culp and Mark Grossan, also executive producers like Mindy Schulthesis, Marc Cherry and Michael Hanel.

The series has already collected over 8.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. It is based on three women living in the same mansion in three different decades as they face betrayal and infidelity in their marriages.

Also thanks to some of the popular cast members who made their character so real through their acting are Ginnifer Goodwin as Beth Ann Stanton a very well known American actress. Moving onto Lucy Liu as Simone Grove who is a famous producer, actress and an artist too and Jack Davenport as Karl Grove. Well these are just few names that have been mentioned but there still many people who have made possible to bring show to this peak.

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