Will Kingdom Season 3 be going to pick up after the initial Zombie outbreak? More updates regarding Kingdom Season 3.

The Kingdom is a South Korean horror web television series written by Kim Eun-Hu and directed by Kim-Seong-Hun. It is an adaptation of the webcomic series ‘The Kingdom of the Gods’. It is the first-ever Korean series to be premiered on Netflix. It premiered on 25 January 2019 and was a big hit. So far, makers have released two seasons and are ready to release the third season soon.
Kingdom is very different from other zombie television shows. It is one of the best horror-thriller series on Netflix. It mainly focuses on a King who tries to save his kingdom.


Fans of Kingdom drama are eagerly waiting for any new updates about the series. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Season 3: Release Date

Kingdom was premiered in January 2019 and the second season was released in March 2020. Following this pattern, we were initially expecting the new season to arrive in 2021. But things are running pretty harsh for all of us and its release date can be delayed.

We are hoping to see Season 3 in early 2022.



There has been no official update about the storyline of the third season. However, it will continue from where the last episode of the second season left. The ending of the last episode was really dramatic and exciting.

Secrets of the plague have been revealed. Crown Prince decided to give his crown to his son. The child, who was bitten is totally fine and ruling the kingdom.
They haven’t still found the cure of the pandemic. So, we are expecting the end of this horrible pandemic in Kingdom Season 3.

Kingdom Season 3: Cast

Ju Ji-hoon as crown Prince lee chang, Ryu swung- young as Cho Hak-Ju, Bar Doona as Seo-bi, Yeong-shin jin played by Kim sung-kyu. We are expecting to see more interesting faces in the next season.


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