Will Maggie’s Son Appear In The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Revealed By Lauren Cohan

The Walking Dead Season 10 – It’s that time of year when the walking dead is back with there season 10 finale. We all been waiting for this, and some sneak peeks can be seen in the trailer to keep us more excited.


Well, the enormous reveal by the sneak peeks from the season 10 finale is that Lauren Cohan, who played Maggie in the show, is back! Yess! Now you can be more excited for season 10!


After taking a small break from early episodes of season 9, Maggie is back with her charm in season 10. Lauren went away for her brief leave after the episode ‘what comes after.’

Now she will be returning to the show after her break in the season 10 finale in the episode called ‘A certain doom.’

What Lauren Have A Say On Her Coming Back

While speaking about the walking dead on the virtual panel of comic con this year, she says that she is super excited to come back and want to meet the young actor.

She says that on all these levels meeting new people and the writers writing everything for these young actors.

Lauren also confirmed that her Maggie’ a young son, Hershel, is now going to be seen alongside her with the finale season.

Well, there is some more exciting news that there are possible chances of season 11. In which Morgan says that Negan could potentially form a bond with Hershel, Maggie’ s son.

When Walking Dead Season 10 Is coming?

Well, we can’t do anything right now expect just to wait and wait. The Walking Dead fans are super excited about the return of Maggie and Season 10. We guess everyone is!

Also, the premiere of The Walking Dead season 10 will be on 4th October, Sunday on AMC.

As it’s a lengthy period to wait to know about the friendship of Judith and Hershel, which is now one year former but we can’t do anything but to wait.


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