Will ‘Mrs. Brown Boys’ be returning to TV this Christmas? Know more!

Mrs. Brown Boys returning

Mrs. Brown Boys is a sitcom TV. It is starred and created by Brendan O’Carroll. There are 3 seasons in total and which is enough for fans to watch it back on DVD. Brenda said that all the focus is on Christmas specials of our show and we are really excited about that.


Will there be any more Mrs. Brown’s Boys?

Like Turkey dinner is a tradition on Christmas, Mrs. Brown boys every Christmas new season is also a tradition since 2011. But since this year’s filmography and Tv series shooting has been affected much because of pandemic and stuff going around. It has affected production very much. Carroll said that 2020 shows unlikely and after that fans are wondering whether there will be season on Christmas.


BBC hasn’t confirmed yet but all the signs are saying there will be a festive special season.

Danny O’Caroll who plays the Buster Brady in the show tweeted in September that he has received information regarding production dates for the show’s new episodes. He wrote: “Just got the shooting dates for Mrs. Browns Boys Christmas Specials. WE’RE BACK!”

Mrs. Brown Boys

Even in late September daily Mirror reported about the making of the show and appearing as festive series like always. They continued saying the deal is agreed. All they need to do is cover concerns about health and safety in this pandemic.

But we have to wait until we get a confirmation announcement from BBC, and till then we are not sure if we will reunite with the gang on Christmas.

Usually every year two episodes aires, one on Christmas and followed by that another on new Year day.

Given the main cast for the show has been through very few changes, we’d expect the usual stars including Brendan O’Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Eilish O’Carroll, Rory Cowan, Paddy Houlihan, and Fiona O’Carroll all to return in the event of 2020 special.


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