Will Richard Speight Jr ’s character Gabriel return for ‘Supernatural’ Finale?

Richard Speight Jr is a very famous American actor. He was playing the role of Gabriel in the supernatural since 2009. You might be calling him as a trickster god. But it doesn’t matter what you call him, He got some trickster energy.


Will Gabriel return to the Supernatural finale?

No matter how many times Richard died in the series, He eventually comes back with a bang. He even died in season 13 in the last episode. But you cant keep a tract of him dying.  The series finale will be going to air on 9th November and fans are wondering whether some characters from the past will make a comeback in the finale or not. Even though everyone is pretty sure that the trickster god has been killed in season 13. But despite the fact he has been killed for so many times no one could keep a track. Therefore he might come back in the season finale.


The wrap had questioned Gabriel and he kind of confused him by giving a puzzling answer. He said “ If I told you guys it won’t be a surprise anymore, I’ll leave it at you so watch and get to know whether I am going to be there or not. If I know the answer and wanted to hide from you guys I easily can by telling you the exact but there will not going to be any surprises left out”.

Richard Speight Jr also mentioned about the current episode he is directing. He said it has been an incredibly intense experience. There wasn’t a dry eye on the set. Everyone is having heavy hearts and almost everyone cried.

He further mentioned that the wrap up will be intense. Half will be going to love it and half will going to hate it. Because you cant aim over a storyline that pleases everyone.  You can only aim at a good storyline and do best to honor al the characters.


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