Will there be a sequel to Disney’s ‘ Romy and Michele’? Know more!

Romy and Michele sequel

For all the Disney hardcore fans and “Romy and Michele” lovers, we have great news since there has been news of a sequel for the same! This would also attract audience from the 90’s domain too. Read below for every detail about the same.



So let’s take you back to the time of 1997’s Disney. This Disney comedy was released on 25th April ,1997 and was based on the story of two best friends.



Romy and Michele are best friends who were not popular in school time. This fact suddenly crosses their mind when they are invited to their high school reunion. Now, to attend the high school reunion, they create fake identities to seem popular.

Romy White and Michele Weinberger live together in Los Angeles, California.

They are single, unambitious and enjoy a casual lifestyle.

After getting to know about the reunion party from a friend and thinking of their unpopularity, they decide to fake the fame.

Both the girls then fake success by showing up om expensive cars and business suits. When they reach the party, they boast a lot separately which makes this film even funnier than ever.

There are many events that take place in the party, six months after which they use the loaned money to open a fashion boutique.

Cast and Characters:

The cast and characters of the film includes the following-

  • Mira Sorvino playing the role of Romy White
  • Lisa Kudrow as Michelle Weinberger
  • Janeane Garofalo playing the role of Heather Mooney

There are many others added to the cast list.

Review of the film:

The film was not a blockbuster hit at the time of its release but found recognition later.

The film gained sizable cult and a bit of second life once it became available for home release.

Romy and Michelle

Fans have held out hope in their hands that a sequel could be made for this film.

Also, they think that the stars, Mira Sorvino would be ready in a heartbeat with her co-star Lisa Kudrow.

Sorvino on the sequel-

Actress Mira Sorvino revealed her hopes during a virtual interview while accepting The Creative Coalition’s 2020 Television Humanitarian Award.

During her speech she has said that it is not in her hands and its up to Disney whether to make a sequel or not.

But, she has mentioned that she would be grateful if they decide to do so.

Not only her, but the screenwriter (Robin Schiff) as well as Lisa are interested for the same, she says.

She also expressed her love for Lisa and said that she would do anything to work with Lisa again in any capacity.

So, who doesn’t like Disney movies?

Do you want a sequel of ‘Romy and Michele’?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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