Will there be a sequel to The Losers?

the losers

Illustrated by Jock and created based on the DC comic book series by Andy Diggle. The Losers revolves around a top-tier black-ops squad nicknamed ‘the losers. The plot basically consists of a team that consists of five mavens who take on an operation in Bolivia.


The losers


But unfortunately, their mission takes the wrong turn. And they have no option but to hide until they are offered help by a mysterious lady in the form of a suicide mission against the CIA.

The Losers was released over a decade ago in the year 2010 and while some people liked it, it was not really even close to success. We can honestly call it a box office fail, considering how poorly it performed. Even after having a cast full of Hollywood stars.

Recent Success: The Losers

Anyway, recently out of nowhere, the movie claimed the first position in the movie category on Netflix. After it was released on the platform on the 1st of August. The movie was also able to reach the number three spot overall on Netflix. Which is a very huge deal. This recent development has fans wondering if finally. They’re going to get a sequel to the movie.

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Should we expect a sequel?

Back during its release, a decade ago, the movie was originally set to be its own franchise. But there was sadly nothing positive to write about as the box office profits, as there were none.

The film’s marketing was really not done properly, which is one of the reasons it did so poorly. And despite witty dialogues and ensembles, the movie got very average reviews.

Back during the era of the movie’s release, comic book movie adaptations were still trying to find their footing in the market. And now that Marvel and DC are so well established, a sequel for the movie seems highly unlikely.

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