Will there be an Ava sequel?

Ava sequel: The action thriller film ‘Ava’ is a story of an eponymous character. Directed by Tate Taylor.


The titular character is played by Jessica Chastain, as a globe-trotting assassin who faces personal and professional challenges. The organization for which she works has stated her to be unstable and dangerous and decides to eliminate her.


‘Ava’ released on August 27,2020.

On December 6 it became available on Netflix.

Ava sequel cast: who can be in it?

Chastain takes the lead role of Ava.

Aside from her it stars John Mallovich as Duke,

Geena Davis as Bobbi, Jess Weixler as Judy, Joan Chen as Toni, Diana Silvers as Camille, Ioan Gruffudd as Peter.

It is rumoured that Malkovich and Gruffudd will not be returning for the sequel as their characters were killed in the last season. We can expect some new faces, the rest of the cast will reprise their roles.

Ava sequel

Ava sequel release

As for a sequel of the film, there is no official statement as such. Due to the Covid situation, the film experienced a low run. The film is also available on Netflix, if that turns out to be a hit the sequel will be a possibility then. If the filmmakers decide to go for it and production begins in a few months, we can expect Ava to be out by 2022.

Ava sequel plot; what to expect?

Taylor keeps things stylish in a way that doesn’t break any style.

The ending of ‘Ava’ leaves the doors open for the viewer to interpret on their own.

In the sequel, we might observe Camille running after Ava, seeking revenge for her father’s death.  As Ava promised Simon that she will not do any harm to his family, it will be worth watching as to what she does when a person from his family tries to hurt her. The organization might send more people behind her, which will probably lead to the introduction of a new face, the antagonist.


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