Will There Be Run The World Season 2?

The show Run the World has ended. People and fans have been saying that it has ended on quite a heartbreaking note. We have to be honest with our readers, therefore it is apt to say that it has ended on a good note for some of them and bad for some of them.


The most worrying part is the relationship of Whitney and Ola. These are two main characters of the show. Their relationship has been left open for interpretation and people have been wondering what happened to them. This is because they had taken the whole season to build up their story and now, people are left in a limbo as to what is their status. Therefore, it has left us wondering whether there is any scope for a new season.


Run The World Season 2: The Other Characters 

Now, we know that the relationship of Ola and Whitney might have people stirred up. But, we also have to observe the fact that the other characters in the show have to be considered too. It can be seen that all of those characters tend to find a new life towards the end. Therefore, this is something which hurts the chances for the new season.

But, the focus of the show has been the characters of Ola and Whitney. Therefore, it is warranted that if the show is renewed, fans will sure to be gravitate towards it.

Run The World Season 2: Will there be another season?

While looking at all of the things that the networks consider, the short answer is a yes. The first and the most important reason is the viewership and the ratings of the show. The show has been rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Plus, it has also gotten good reviews from the fans. Hence, we can expect a new season.