Will There Be Who Killed Sara? Season 3?

Who killed Sara season 2 dropped on Netflix this week. The show first came on the platform in March 2021. It got a lot of attention and spent a record number of weeks on the top list. The second season of the show is also popular.


The story of season 1 revolved around the character of Alex Guzman. He is shown investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of his sister. He tries to clear his name from any charges and also tries to exact revenge on the family of Lazcano.


Who Killed Sara? – Season 2

The second season of the show picked where the first season left off. We are again attached to the character of Alex as he discovers the life of Sara. But his discovery is more than he bargained for as he sifts through the real and double life of Sara.

The second season of the show had fewer episodes than the first season. The first season had 10 episodes while the second one had eight. But, this does not mean that the story is not compelling. It also seeks to answer many of the questions which were left open in the first season. Though we can see that the second season of the show has also ended on a cliffhanger where we are left wondering when a third season will come out.

Who Killed Sara? – Season 3 Renewal

The premier of the first season announced the coming of the second season. But, this is not the case with the second season of Who killed Sara? Though this does not mean that we cannot expect a third season from Netflix. This is because it has become the most popular show foreign language show in USA. Therefore, expecting a third season is not out of the way.

We can expect the next season to drop sometime in early 2022.