Wilmore: Everything to know about Peacock’s Late-Night comedy

Peacock's Late-Night comedy

Peacock which is a popular streaming service, is going to make history as it is going to stream a late night comedy talk show with the first black male and female hosts for such a programming block. These two are none other than fifty eight year old American comedian Larry Wilmore and forty one year old American comedian Amber Ruffin.



Larry Wilmore, who is not just a comedian but also a writer, director and producer tried to introduce “the nightly show” on comedy central but the show did not last for long. A angry tweet led to this short span, which wished that the host of the host should face failure. At that time, not even one episode of the show was aired.


So the host s coming back again, this time on peacock streaming network which is under NBC and he will host the late night talk comedy show with Amber Ruffin. The show will be called Wilmore. It is going to be a weekly show which will air an episode on every Friday starting this Friday.


The host also said that he is not coming again with a talk show for attention, but for expression. The comedian and writer believes that this is not just a closure sort of a thing. He will be shooting the episodes in a studio, but there will be no real audience as of now, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The executive president of comedy development at peacock, Dan Shear said that the previous bad response on Wilmore’s talk show is not a strike against him, in fact his fans are eager and waiting to see him on the TV screens. The host will be appearing on TV after four years since he did not air since 2016 elections.


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