Wonder Woman 1984 May Face A Delay In The Release: Everything Else You Need To Know!!!

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984: Wonder Woman endowed a period of girls with a role model that demonstrated that they could be a hero just as much as any man. And we’re eager to see what else director Patty Jenkins can do with the heroin. Wonder Woman 1984 seems to be choosing a lighter tone. While we can see a few more of it in the new trailer unveiled at the DC FanDome event in August.


When Will Wonder Woman 1984 Premiere?

Warner Bros. is delaying Diana’s comeback to the big screen. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will now release in theaters on 30th September 2020 as the cinemas are opening all around the world.


Wonder Woman faced quite a lot of delays in the release date. It was set to release in 2021 but as the situation is coming under control, the release date has been pulled back.

Wonder Woman

Who All Will Be Seen In Wonder Woman 1984?

  • Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
  • Pedro Pascal as Max Lord
  • Kristen Wiig as Cheetah
  • Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta
  • Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
  • Antiope as Robin Wright

To our surprise, we will also get to see Steve Trevor again. How is that possible? Last we remember Steve himself up in the plane at the end of the movie. 

But, Trevor will be a very complex character this time. Chris Pine said while speaking to Total Film that He is delighted to be back with Diana. He’s excited about this world. But, what’s changed is, he’s not the same Steve. He’s not worn-out. It’s a total 180 from the nature of the character of the first one.

Talking of characters back from the dead, Robin Wright affirmed to Net-A-Porter that she would repeat as Antiope along with Connie Nielsen’s Hippolyta, but in a flashback string.

What Will Be The Plot Of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’?

Following Diana’s achievements in the First World War, this Cold War-set sequel sees Diana reassembling with Steve Taylor, as she fights with two of her most dangerous rivals from the comics. Kristin Wiig as Barbara Minerva, Wonder Woman’s arch enemy, Cheetah. 

The first trailer begins with the partners sharing drinks as friends, but according to their comics tale, we know this won’t serve long. In the DC FanDome trailer, we can catch a flash of Minerva in her fully-transformed look.

That’s all we have, for now. For further details, stay tuned. 

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