Wonder Woman 1984 Will be the second-longest movie of DC know the Release Date and Other Information

Wonder Woman 1984: Wonder woman in 2017 was a blockbuster, and the grossing was more than $389 million. And it’s time that Amazon princess will be back with the second-longest runtime. Let’s see what Wonder woman 1984 has for us.


Wonder Woman 1984 will pick up after a decade of the adventure of Gal Gadot. And invest Diana will be living a more solitary life in Washington. But after some time, that piece will be disrupted by a businessman Maxwell Lord and a friend who turned rival Barbara Minerva.


The release date for Wonder Woman1984

In DC, fandome new video was shared in the virtual event. We all wanted to see Gal Gadot as wonder woman again, and here we are stuck in this coronavirus. Due to coronavirus, the film was supposed to release in June 2020, but it was postponed, and now the official date is released, which is 2nd October.

But everyone is still worried that the filmmaker gets postponed or delayed. But we only hope that we can get Wonder Woman 1984 on 2nd October 2020.

Well, just after the release of the first trailer, everyone was very excited, and all the excitement is ramping up after the trailer. But after the first release of the trailer, there is no other trailer has been released. But here we have some exciting news about Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman 1984

Runtime for Wonder Woman 1984

On Twitter, some Korean fans shared the runtime for Wonder woman, and it can be the second-longest movie of DC. The time that was shared by the fans is 151 minutes, which is 2 hours 31 minutes.

This makes this part of Wonder Woman 10 minutes longer than the last part. We see Wonder Woman’s first part, which was also 2 hours 20 mins. Well, it Kamal surprised good news for The Wonder Woman fan to see e Diana for 151 minutes.

The cast for wonder woman 1984

Here’s all the detail related to the cast of Wonder Woman1984:-

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

•Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah

• Pedro Pascal as Max Lord

• Robin Wright as Antiope

• Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta


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