Xbox head Phil Spencer confirms that racial insensitivity at Mixer in not related to its merger with Facebook Gaming

Mixer a doomed streaming service now finds itself in a controversy following a statement which was made by the former employee in regards to the racist comments that he had to hear from an executive during the time he used to work there and the Xbox boss Phil Spencer responded to this statement. The employee also stated about his experience as one of the Black employees during his work at the Mixer. He expressed his disappointment and concern towards the supervisors and the Hr of the company who failed to handle the situation and did nothing against the executive.


The company Mixer was established as an in-house streaming service by Microsoft back in the year 2017. This streaming platform was launched as a challenge against the famous streaming service Twitch. However, the platform could not match the success of the Amazon owned Twitch but still received a wide support from the public, especially when it received the exclusive streaming contracts with the famous Twitch streamers such as Ninja. It even crossed YouTube and Facebook Gaming in some context. But, yesterday it was announced that Mixer will be shut down on July 22 and that Microsoft has now partnered with Facebook Gaming.



The former employee of Mixer, Milan Lee exposed about the lack of discipline and the racist comments by one of its executives and the least concern of the supervisors and the HR team of Mixer. The Mixer executive was later identified as Natalia Domingo, the Head of Business Development. Microsoft has still not released anything as an official response to this statement, but the Xbox head, Phil Spencer reached out to Milan to get more information regarding the situation.

As, Domingo deleted her Twitter profile and Mixer would be shut down; Spencer clarified that the shutting down of Mixer was nowhere related to the Lee and Domingo’s behavior.

As a part of the Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place across the country, many incidents are coming forward related to the racism that is still practiced by some people. As a response to Lee, Microsoft should release an official statement against Domingo to show their support for Black Americans as a part of the Black Liver Matter protests.


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