You Can Now Watch 10 Best Episodes Of Supermarket Sweep On Netflix

Supermarket Sweep: A 90s American television gaming show is returning on a small screen! This show, created by Al Howard was originally broadcasted on ABC. It started airing more than forty years back and immediately captured a fanbase. The audience loved watching the contestants frantically running in the supermarket in a race against time.


Supermarket Sweep on Netflix

The show came on screen first in 1965, and then thirty years later in the 90s. Fans were excited about its revival at that time. The 90s show was hosted by David Ruprecht and aired on Lifetime. To everyone who loved watching it, there is some good news. Another revival of Supermarket Sweep is being developed and this time, it will be hosted by Leslie Jones, a comedian actress. The production for the next revival started in early  2020. Currently, Netflix has a collection of the top Supermarket Sweep episodes available to stream.


If you stream the show on Netflix right now, you will get to see not only the game show but a close glimpse of the fashion and lifestyle in the 90s. And even some products that are discontinued! Some of the pairs quickly became fan favorites. Some of them include Vanessa and Cindy, Malinda and Clint, Peggy and Janet, and Cindy Lou and Cindy Sou.

Supermarket Sweep Format

The show has a very simple format. All the contestants are divided into pairs and they have to bring int he biggest sweep. At the end of each episode, the winning team gets to participate in one more timed challenge and take home $5000. For the early stages, the teams go through some small challenges and lighter sweeps to warm up. Mini challenges included guessing the retail price of the grocery items shown on screen or scavenger hunts. The winning team gets fifteen extra seconds. The main challenge is to bring in the most expensive grocery haul. The cameras follow the team at each step and they run and scramble to find what they need.

It is largely set in New York City. The show sure does bring back a nostalgic feeling that reminds us of our childhood.

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