You Will Be Surprised To Know That Andrew Lincoln Still Hasn’t Watch The Walking Dead

You will be surprised that Andrew Lincoln who was the protagonist in The Walking Dead show for nine seasons, still hasn’t a single episode.


In the 2017 interview with TV Insider, Lincoln told the interviewer that he is allergic to his face. He continues by saying that he did not like to see himself on the screen but always thrives ongoing for the shoot and he says that he wants to be in the role and not to be self-conscious.


He said in an interview that as an actor, he tries to give his best on the shoot and try not to be conscious about himself and say that if he sees himself, he will be somewhat more conscious than confident.

What The Writers Have A Say On This

One of the writers of the show, Gimple, says in the virtual comic con for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead that one time he was doing DVD commentary with him for an episode of which he wasn’t part of, Gimple asked him that Is he actually watching this? Lincoln said that no he is not.

In his interview with entertainment weekly in 2013, he said that the real reason he hasn’t watched the series is that he really doesn’t like to see himself on the big screen or any other platform, but his fans love him to see.


He also says that he chooses to ignore the whole thing and decide not to see the series he is the protagonist. It’s surprising that he still after leaving the show from season 9 and had not watched the show till now.

Andrew Lincoln decided to leave the show in season 8, but he was there till episode 5 of season 9 when some took him a secretive group.

Andrew Lincoln Coming Back on The Walking Dead Sets

In November 2018, in the show talking dead, it was revealed that the actor would continue his work in The Walking Dead trilogy film.

In an interview, Gimple says that the actor is excited to come back on sets and wants to be part of the universal world again.