YouTube will be launching its very own TikTok knockoff, Know more!


As Instagram launched its new reels feature, YouTube is launching its own TikTok copier: YouTube Shorts.


In an announcement on YouTube’s official blog, the company described the feature as “a new short video experience”. This feature allows users to “record short, eye-catching videos using just their phones” – and their ideas, of course.


The company is launching an initial beta version, we’re testing new tools with a focus on a multi-segment camera. It allows users to edit, speed up, and record multiple clips.

Similar to TikTok, YouTube shorts are 15 seconds long and the platform also has a feature that allows users to scroll vertically to scroll through videos.

TikTok has been in a precarious position recently when the Trump administration asked Chinese parent company ByteDance to divest its business assets in the United States.


In response, Instagram launched Reels, its own version of the video service popular with teens.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that Oracle will be the first bidder to partner with TikTok as the company’s “trusted technology provider.”

This deal has yet to be approved by the Trump administration. Whatever happens, you won’t be left without TikTok fakes.


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