Zack Synder Makes Fun Of Joss Whedon’s Justice League

Justice League is a 2017 American Superhero film based on the DC comics. It is the fifth segment in the DC Extended Universe and was directed by Zack Synder.


The DC Extended Universe has had an extraordinary life in theatres, full of ups and downs. Last year HBO MAX also announced that it would be funding the completion of the Synder Cut. The new version of the Justice League will be releasing its first trailer at DC Fandome, Zack Synder is teasing its arrival through teases and brief clips. It also includes making fun of one specific line of dialogue from Joss Whedon’s reshoots.


Zack Synder Poking Fun At Justice League’s Line

Joss Whedon is brought in by the makers to complete the blockbuster in time for its intended release date. However, Zack Synder left Justice League due to a family tragedy. The filmmaker initially revealed that the reshoot footage would not be made into his version of the movie, and that also included one line he pointed out on social media. “Superman asking Batman if he bleeds”.

The call back to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice segment was not in Zack Synder’s Script for Justice League, rather it was added by Joss Whedon. And Zack Synder doesn’t think it makes any sense. Zack Synder commenter this on tweeter.
The makers of the film constantly use social media to communicate directly with the fans, regarding the mysterious contents of Justice League’s Synder Cut. Since his work was changed so significantly, fans are waiting to know what type of movie will be coming to HBO Max next year.

Justice League

The line was originated in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both the heroes interact after Dark Knight was on a mission, and the encounter gets in tension. Supes told him to stand down, while Batfleck asked the Kryptonian If he bleeds and promised to make him do just that. This line obviously makes no sense when the characters are reversed.

Moreover, there are many such moments from Justice League’s theatrical cut that won’t match with the Synder Cut. The Snyder Cut will be available on HBO Max.


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