Zendaya responds to rumours that she could be the cast in the next Kill Bill film

The Euphoria star Zendaya is a new hot talk of the town after Vivica A.Fox, who portrayed Vernita Green in the original 2003 ‘Kill Bill’ film, in the recent interview admitted that she would like Zendaya to play the role of her grown-up daughter in the next sequel.


Vivica A Fox who played the role of Vernita Green in Quentin Tarantino’s directed 2003 classic superhit ‘Kill Bill’ and its 2nd part ‘Kill Bill: Volume 2’ the same following year, admitted that she’d love to have the Spider-Man actress and Emmy nominated for her lead role in series ‘Euphoria’ to play the role of her grown-up daughter in the potential upcoming sequel to the movie series which would be 3rd addition in line for the blockbuster ‘Kill Bill’.


The speculation about the return of the sequel also aroused when last week IMDB renewed the description and casting information for ‘Kill Bill 3’ and synopsis reading: “After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother at the hands of Beatrix (Uma Thurman), Nikki Bell (Zendaya) wreaks vengeance on the woman who destroyed her family at a young age”.

While the description and casting information is removed from the official site of IMDB after the intrusion of Fox. In response to the rumors that were doing rounds since the IMDB incident Zendaya opened up to Empire Magazine revealing that she is really flattered about the ‘Kill Bill’ news that is in the air. She also added that Vivica A. Fox is incredible and she is really happy to get the recognition from such a great actor. She later admitted that these all are just speculation and are not based on any ground fact. She continued that this is just an idea and the internet do kind of stir things up on mere speculations.


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