From Rs. 72 to a Millionaire Technopreneur: Nilay Chakrapani’s Success Story

Economy, proper infrastructure, demand, demography, and advanced technology are necessary for the Indian economy to grow. Nilay Chakrapani gets his inspiration from these crucial pillars. He is one of the successful new generation entrepreneurs who is helping India to be aatmanirbhar.


According to PM Modi, “No task is impossible; no path is difficult; if our resolution is strong. We have to be dedicated to making ourselves self-reliant. This magnificent building of self-reliant India will stand on five pillars, namely economy, infrastructure, technology, demography, and demand”.


Chakrapani is one of the e-commerce prodigies who runs a victorious business. Besides, he also runs charities since he believes in helping the needy. A renowned entrepreneur in his late 20s every day consults thousands of brands considering their digital growth strategies.

Moreover, he also consults brands who want to increase their business in the e-commerce market. Nilay trains people who are eager to start their own e-commerce business. He owes his success to the inspirational books on some of his favourite entrepreneurs.

He has a different story from rags-to-riches as he built his empire with a few pennies in his account, which is quite challenging. If this does not inspire you, then nothing else can. At an early age, he faced a tragic accident when he was preparing for IIT-JEE. It was his dream.

Later on, he took admission to VIT to complete his B-Tech. However, he needed a job to support him as well as his studies. He invested his free time in reading books and blogs for gathering knowledge on business and management.

While the trade analysts value the industry with $340 billion, he already knew about it a long time back when his journey began in India. Initially, he started contacting social media marketing influencers. He is against discrimination with his clients. The company in which he was working used to prioritize the renowned clients over the start-ups.

This whole concept did not make any sense to him. Soon, he decided to begin his own business, and from here, his journey began. After making space in social media marketing, he wanted to expand his business in the e-commerce industry, mostly Dropshipping. Back in 2015, it was difficult to gather knowledge on Dropshipping since there were limited tutorials.

He decided to invest everything he earned, from the social media marketing business to the Dropshipping business. During the initial period, he invested almost Rs 1.8 lakh and was left with Rs 72 in his pocket.

Finally, his hard work paid off, and he successfully launched his first e-commerce sale. Later on, he decided to expand his business overseas. Nilay considered countries like the USA, UK, Australia markets for expanding his business.

Finally, he thought to get hold of the Indian market and enter the field in November 2018. During that time, the market was ripe, and he had the opportunity to hit the floor. He believed that the market is full of opportunities to become successful and earned huge profits.

On this day, he works with many reputed firms and even works with solving issues of the e-commerce market. Moreover, he even trains many consulting brands that are looking forward to entering into the e-commerce industry.

Presently, he only wants to change India to a global business leader. Chakrapani believes that the Indian e-commerce market is capable enough to be self-reliant. In turn, this will help the country come up with a good business infrastructure and a tech-savvy economy.

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