Meet the master marketer – Sagar Bisht

The world is a place of abundance. It has a lot in store for those who know how to grab opportunities and gain more from the world. Wealth, Fame and Freedom are the never-ending treasures and you can be the next treasurer. All you need is some passion, a lot of willpower and a little skill.
Sagar Bisht, belonging to North India is one such guy with tremendous willpower and extreme passion. Initially a fashion blogger, Sagar Bisht has now set his sails in the business world very strategically through his social media profiles. Interesting, right? Ever thought your social media profiles could bring you all that popularity? It can. With just some passion and creativity Sagar was able to show his amazing work in the field of fashion on his social media handles. And he slowly started to gain popularity. His posts started receiving engagements, and this kept motivating him to put more efforts.
Being a digital enthusiast, Sagar Bisht used these platforms to educate his followers more about fashion industry and about digital marketing. He does so through his stories, posts over a series of pictures, videos, blogs, and live sessions. He creates variety of content to keep his audience engaged and interest for long time. And with such efforts, he has been able to build an entire community and weave it together on one platform, the members of which support and encourage each other at all times.
Owing to his wanderlust, Sagar has travelled great distances covering latitudes and longitudes in all direction, inter state and intra state, domestic and international. His love for travel keeps him motivated. Over his travels, he likes to meet new people, make connections and hopes to meet new prospective clients and business partners.
Sagar is a not just a passionate fashion enthusiast, he is a master strategist who uses his cards wisely and turns every situation favour his business endeavour. For a while now, he has been working with various brands to amplify their sales and brand image through thoughtful use of digital media. His strategies span from a range of online and offline campaigns, contests, analysis and execution.
After starting his own start-up, Sagar is now looking forward to working with new young enthusiasts in the fashion industry. He wants to help these new entrants set up their own brands and create ripples in the industry, the way he did. His quest for knowledge and experience continues and he now wants to expand his boundaries.
‘I don’t believe in resting. My thirst for adventure and challenges is never satisfied. I want to pursue my passion to an extent until I have known everything there is to know and done everything there is to do.’ Says Sagar in one of his latest interviews.
Inspiring the youth across states and all over India, Sagar Bisht a master strategist cum fashion enthusiast cum blogger cum digital marketeer and soon to be a producer for upcoming music videos is setting goals for the young entrants.