Richard Montanez Net Worth: How Rich is The Flamin’ Cheetos Inventor?

Richard Montanez: You must’ve heard about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It is one of the most popular snacks and is a cheese puff. Now, we should be honest, every one of us have tried Cheetos at least once in our life. Cheetos is usually regarded as one of the most popular snacks in the USA. But, have you ever wondered as to who invented this ingenious snack?


In this piece we are going to talk about its inventor. Some people might already know his name. The name of the person that we are talking about is Richard Montanez. You may not believe this but he is one of the most talked about personalities in the business. So, we are dedicating this article to talk about this great businessman. So, let us know more about him.


Richard Montanez: Early Life and Journey

You may not believe this but he was born in migrant labour camp. He was raised in a one bed room apartment. Richard was had ten other siblings and they were raised in the same one room.

He also ended up revealing that he did not feel very comfortable in school. This is because he could not converse in English properly. It means that he was not very fluent in the language. Hence, he could only converse in Spanish. Therefore, he decided to drop out of the school and worked as a janitor in Frito-Lay.

Richard Montanez: Net Worth

Now, the qualifications and the position held by Martinez talks volumes about his apparent net worth. The creation of the Flaming Cheetos has led to a significant increase in the ranks of him inside the company. The businessman has also a book in his name and it has been said that some people are actually making a documentary on him.

His net worth is around $15 million.

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