Data Analytics Company Jupiter Announces ClimateScore Global: A New Climate Risk Analysis Tool

The data analytic company Jupiter announces ClimateScore Global: Jupiter has created a next-generation climate risk analytics tool that help in the evaluation of the land surface and what it looks like after the year 2100.


This is tool is made to give pre-disaster support to the industries, countries, and organizations. It can forecast disasters like Drought, floods, earthquakes, wildfire, and many more. It gives information early before the happening of these disasters.


If this tool is combined with the Data Analytics Company Jupiter high-resolution ClimateScore then it will be the first global tool for the risk analyzation. Apart from this company has tools for the projection of future risk. The tools are as follows:

  • FloodScore
  • HeatScore
  • WindScore
  • FireScore


This company provides these tools for future predictions regarding Natural calamities and climate change worldwide. These tools are developed by the global Earth and Ocean Systems science community.


Feautres of Jupiter ClimateScore Global

  • It has many sensors which can measure winds, heat, wildfire, drought, floods, earthquakes, and some other natural calamities and physical risk.
  • ClimateScore has a 3D resolution that is made to provide the actual amount of damage which is caused by the natural calamities.
  • It is available worldwide for the Organisations, Industries, Companies, and many other firms.
  • This Device can deliver the data related to disasters through Application programming interface, Industry-standard data sciences tools, and through some applications too.
  • ClimateScore can also deliver data through demand reports.
  • These tools can also prepare a virtual map for the financial, land, or assets, etc damages which is one of the best quality of ClimateScore.
  • It also supports multi climate change situation, According to that situation, this tool can calculate the damage and gives solutions for how to tackle that situation.
  • Jupiter ClimateScore can give at the intervals of 5 years from 2020 to 2100, it also offers medium-term and long-term plans for the upcoming risk.

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