First COVID – 19 positive case in Vietnam after months alarms government

First COVID – 19 positive case in Vietnam after months alarmed the government. While the entire world is starving through this hazardous virus called COVID – 19 or corona-virus because of which many people died throughout the world.


Vietnam had just 420 confirmed cases till 26th July 2020 and zero deaths over the past months the country shares a close border with China from where the virus originated. The first case in Vietnam is discovered on 23rd January 2020.


The country has recovered it quicker than in other countries. In 2003, the country experience SARS and a human case of again influenza between 2004 and 2010. These also contribute to the reason why the country recuperated quickly.

The reasons for this enormous success are:-

First COVID – 19 positive case in Vietnam

  • Well – developed and monitored the public health care system
  • Strong Central Government
  • An excellent active strategy established on constant and effective testing, detecting, examining, care, and quarantine.
  • The government was in touch with the citizens through news updates to inform them about public health response.

These strategies can also be adopted and applied to other countries to improve the conditions there.
After the country manages to control the spread of the disease, approximately 100 days later, Vietnam detects it’s first locally transmitted case in Danang.

A 57-year-old retired Vietnamese Man in the southern city of Danang, almost 105 people have been tested for the virus who were in close contact with the person for the past few days, the Ministry of Health reported.

No clue is been recognize that how he gets an infection. He went to the hospital with his mother but didn’t get infected there. He remained in his house to take care of his grandchild and didn’t even talked to the neighbor, as he told.

After the detection of the case again the government over there has alarmed the citizens to be careful and take protective measures to be safe. Tough response to the virus will keep the economy as foreign investment and local consumer confidence bounces the ball, analysts suggest.

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