Ghost of Tsushima- where will you find the Hidden Haiku?

Ghost of Tsushima has been turning heads everywhere. The Ps4 Exclusive has been insanely hyped, it has elicited a great number of amazing reviews. People are already hailing it as a huge hit among the players. There are several agencies that have stated that it can be a serious contender for Game of the Year Awards.


Now, in every game, there are several locations that are hidden. These require patience to find and sometimes it can be more than troublesome. So, we are here to talk about one of these locations in the Ghost of Tsushima. These locations are known as Haiku.


What are the Haiku Locations?

These locations do not put any bearing when it comes to finishing the story of Ghost of Tsushima. They are not the end when it comes to getting all the cool upgrades in the game. But Haiku is one of the most interesting locations in the game.

In Ghost of Tsushima, there are 19 Haiku locations in total. They are spread around the huge map of the game. Visiting each one of them will earn you a cosmetic headband. These headbands can be added to the outfit for the character of Jin. It also gives you a chance to enjoy the mesmerizing the scenery of the game in a quiet manner. Plus, it also gives you a chance to make a Haiku poem on the scenery.

The Hidden Haiku

Of all the Haiku locations, there is one in particular which the developer wants you to find first in the game. This is a location in the region of Hiyoshi Springs. Once you visit this location, it will act as the tutorial for finding all the other locations.

But if you do not explore this location, you may end up finding this Haiku at the very last.

How to find it

To find this Haiku in Ghost of Tsushima you need to head North of the mountains in Hiyoshi Springs. Here you will find a man kneeling who will introduce you to the concept of Haiku. This will act as an extra story to the game.

The game expects you to find this Haiku spot pretty early in the game. Hence, this will allow you to progress the game as the developer wants you to.

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