GTA 6 – Expected release date, gameplay, mechanics, plot and much more!

gta 6
gta 6

Upcoming GTA 6 is insanely Hyped right now. Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest game franchises of all time. GTA V was rated as the highest sold entertainment product all around the globe. The game is so popular that it has traveled through three generations of consoles.


Recently, the reveal of PlayStation 5 also saw the clip of the game. It means that the game is also going to be released for the next generation of gaming. This move was criticized by the fans of the game. They want to see the GTA 6 drop on the market. So, let us see whether we can find out something about the new title.


Kotaku Report

The Kotaku report provides the most concrete piece of evidence that Rockstar is working on a new title. The report bases its conclusions by looking at the work culture of Rockstar Games. It has said that it can be said that the new title is early in development. This was the statement made in April 2020.

It was then said that the plan is to release a slightly smaller game when compared to GTA V. They are going to expand the game using regular updates. So, we can say that the framework followed by GTA Online can be used to make GTA 6.

Any leaks we can count on?

The most interesting leak comes from Reddit from a user named JackOLantern1982 about GTA 6. He revealed about 23 details about the new game. He has said that game has been titled as Project Americas as its codename. This is because the game is set to be set in two separate cities.

One would be Vice City and the second is set to be a city based on Rio De Janerio. The game has been inspired by Narcos and the theme of the game is based on the same concept.

The game is supposed to be set in the 1970-80s. But the time will change over the game. Hence the game is supposed to be dynamic. We do not have any information about the gameplay but we think that it is only going to have one playable character. The game may be announced in mid-2021.

So, what do you think about these details? Let us know in the comments below.

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