Kamala Harris political views shaped by her Indian Mother: Uncle

On 12th August 2020 (Wednesday), Gopalan Balachandran, the uncle of Kamala Harris said that her two qualities; her commitment to human rights and her ability to stick to her principles are what will make her stand in good stead and the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (who’ll be challenging the current president Donald J Trump in the upcoming presidential elections on 3rd November) wins the US presidential elections.
Kamala Harris, the US Senator has been selected as the Republican Presidential candidate Joe Biden running mate.


Gopalan added that much of Harris’s views on civil and political rights are all because of her mother, Shyamala Gopalan. She was a strong-willed lady who went against convention by traveling to the US for studies in 1958.


Not only her mother but also her grandfather, PV Gopalan, who started as a stenographer and later became a government official. In the 1960s, he was deported to Zambia.

He was experienced in rehabilitating refugees from Pakistan and due to this he also helped in a refugee crisis.

“The Truths we hold”- the autobiography of Shyamala Gopalan, is written by her daughter Kamala Harris. Harris wrote, “From almost the moment she arrived from India, she chose and was welcomed to the black community.”

She was married to Jamaican National’s Donald Harris after meeting him in the 1960s, during the black civil rights movement.

After that, she had a divorce with him and then bought up her two daughters all alone. Balachandran asserted that Harris’s commitment to the right issues is shown in her position against Indians Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the situation in Kashmir.

He said that he had no plans to say anything about Harris before the elections, as by doing so, the opposition or anyone else may get a chance to speak something up.


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