Magnitude 4.2 Earthquake recorded in Los Angeles

Magnitude 4.2 Earthquake recorded in Los Angeles. On 30th July 2020(Thursday), an Earthquake of 4.2 magnitudes has been recorded in the Pacoima valley, CBS Los Angeles reported.


As reported by the US Geological survey, it hit at 4.29 am at the place. The natural disaster was earlier recorded as an earthquake of 4.5 magnitudes but then at 4.38 am another one hit with a magnitude of 3.3.


It is far away in South till San Diego and in North also till Bakersfield as the residents there report to the US Geological survey. The Los Angeles fire department announces that no reports of any injuries or other kind of damage have been caused due to this.

Earthquake emergency mode was on, with the fire engines and helicopters patrolling at its 470 square mile area, the fire department added.

What happens at the Time of Earthquake?

Nothing fell off from the shelf or from somewhere else and no car alarms were there, which are there even if a couple of dogs bark. It was just a mild earthquake of some 10-15 seconds, Sherri Sylvester, a CBS news employee who lives near the epicenter informed.


CBS Los Angeles report that this is the most strong earthquake in the area compared to the earthquake in other countries like the Kern County region of Ridgecrest. Searles Valley in the Mohave Desert in 2019.

Los Angeles Airport’s operation is not delayed or affected due to these earthquakes as the airport officials told.

Some Los Angeles residents also tweeted about the interruption caused by the earthquake. Some people even woke up and got scared because of this.

A lady was sleeping in her car after a long shift and woke up at that time thought that someone is trying to disturb her by shaking the car. Other than this many more people woke early morning due to this.

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