SAIL Chairman A K Chaudhary is in quarantine after he was tested positive for the COVID virus

SAIL Chairman Anil Kumar Chaudhary is in quarantine after testing positive for novel COVID-19, as sources told on Saturday. The total number of the Corona virus cases in SAIL’s corporate office here has grown five-fold to 25, as they added.


“SAIL Chairman Anil Kumar Chaudhary is in quarantine after he was tested positive for the Novel corona virus. He was tested on the 1st of June. Actually a virus-positive person had gone close to him in his office. Following which tests were conducted for three consecutive days at the corporate office,” as one of the sources reported.


Besides that, some other senior company officials at the corporate office have also been tested positive and the total number of cases now stands at 25. Whenever reached out to the company for the official response, a spokesperson told tat the company has been taken numerous steps to contain further spread of the corona virus at the corporate office.

“We have gone in for mass testing of our employees and their family members. Around 25-30 persons have been found to be Corona virus-positive, including some family members. Although, except for 2 cases, all are asymptomatic and are under the house isolation,” as the official told.

SAIL had earlier told that a few company officials at its headquarters in Lodhi Road have tested positive for COVID-19. The company closed its office for fumigation immediately. Additionally, a source had informed that a total of five persons were tested positive for the corona virus. On Wednesday, Atul Srivastava, Director Personnel SAIL died at the Apollo Hospital. On Thursday, SAIL told that Srivastava was also admitted at Apollo Hospital, with that it has tied up to provide healthcare services to its employees and also their families during the COVID-19 pandemic situation after he complained of difficulty in breathing. He was also having high fever for the past some days. Although, on Srivastava’s corona virus test report, the company said the report had come negative as well.

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