Some Factors You Should Consider While Compressing Video Files

    Factors You Should Consider While Compressing Video Files: Video compression is a vitally important concept which needs to be understood and to be utilized effectively so that the quality of video files is not much compromised.


    In this modern video technology landscape, we are spoilt by the type of cameras and codecs that we have access to, which helps to achieve an extremely high quality of the image with relatively little compression. But with that said, data storage is a massive issue, which becomes more when you need to duplicate or triplicate a video to safeguard it from losing data.


    What Is Video Compression?

    Video compression involves packing the video information into a smaller space as uncompressed videos can be extremely large.

    So if you decide to compress files to store them, you need to consider certain factors that affect the file size. With this information, you’ll be able to understand the main factors that you should consider while you are compressing video files so that you can store video content in an inexpensive and space-efficient manner.

    Factors That Affect File Size

    Do you know why the size of some video files is much bigger than others? The following points will help you know about the factors that play a part in video file size.

    1. Duration Of The Video – We can pretty much imagine that longer videos tend to have larger file sizes. This is because there is more data in the video file.
    2. Video Bitrate – Bitrate is the speed, in bits per second of a media file during playback. Controlling bitrate is a key element of compression as it determines how smoothly a video will stream. Higher is the bitrate, the better the quality. So by reducing the bitrate, you can directly reduce the file size of your videos.
    3. Video CodecCodecs are the heart and soul of compression. The video codec is used to encode and decode the data that makes up the video. In short, it is used to compress and decompress video file so that it can be played effectively. The video codec determines the bitrate of the video and hence is a major factor affecting the file size of the video.

    Factors That Affect Video Compression

    If you consider the following factors, you’ll be able to compress your video files properly, so that video compression doesn’t affect the quality of the video.

    1. RAM Of The Computer – RAM has an important role to play in the quality of the video file compression. Computers that have more RAM will be able to encode/decode the video properly. It will compress the video files quickly without loss of quality. You can save the video files in MKV and MP4 format so that the quality is not compromised and you can have a very low file size.
    2. Processing Speed Of The Computer – A computer with a faster and better processor, will preserve high definition quality of video files and minimizes the end file size.
    3. Quality Of The Compression Software – By using software of extremely high quality, we can compress, convert, and manage video files reliably. You can check Wondershare and UniConvertor for that.

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