The Republicans introduced a Recovery Plan Worth $1 tn

US Republicans are planning to recover the economy that is affected by the Corona-virus pandemic by donating $1tn. According to the plan, $100bn will be donated to the schools, and payments of $1200 will be for the Americans.

It will also help people who are unemployed in pandemic by adding $600 for them. US government has already made more than 2.4tn expenses on the businesses and the pandemic relief and households.

This plan will drop the rate of unemployment by $600 and will increase its rate by $200. It will also help in exchange for 70% of an individual previous wage. Along with that, the US government has also sent $1.4bn to the families of dead ones.

What does Mr. Mitch McConnell say?

Mr. McConnell said that Republicans “want to continue” the unemployment supplement, which will expire this week. “But we have to do this in a manner that doesn’t affect the reopening of the nation from the pandemic. He also said that Republicans want to see how old programs are working, but had now produced an “adaptable and focused draft” to address the economic fallout of the pandemic.

The proposal is likely to reduce the $600 weekly unemployment additional benefit to $200 until states can set up the more improved system that replaces 70% of a person’s previous wage. The money for direct payments to families and to help schools, Republicans said they want to set up a law to protect the businesses from the workers ‘coronavirus health claims.

He said the Republican plan amounts to a “30% pay cut” at a time. When most of the people do not have their jobs to do. This change to a new system will be near “impossible” for states to pointed. He also told some problems that affect the program so far. He also said that it will work within weeks. if it does not work properly then we will execute a new program for this.

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