WhatsApp to Launch New Features That Will Transform Your Chatting Experience

WhatsApp to Launch New Features: Facebook WhatsApp is now updating and adding some more features in the app. In today s’ life WhatsApp plays an important role in getting in touch with people.


It also helps us to connect from our loved ones from anywhere and at any time. Now, this app gets its functional updates every week at least one time for sure. But now WhatsApp is planning to add some features for iOS and Andriod users in its further updates.


Recently, WhatsApp has added some new features in its apps like

  • Users can add about 15 members in the video call
  • New animated stickers
  • Messengers rooms for iOS users
  • Bugs fixes

Now they are planning to add some more features which are listed down below:


Now 50 users can make a group video call (Rooms)

WhatsApp is now adding Rooms for the group video calls. about 50 users can make a group video together without any lag and complications. This will give a tough competition to the other video call platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

New option in Mute settings

There is a new option in mute settings. There is so much of WhatsApp group notification that we are tired of checking them. So, with the help of this upcoming update, we can mute anyone for a permanent period. And then you can check them in your free time.

New Emojis

Emojis are the simplest way to express our feelings, hence for the ease of that WhatsApp is adding 138 new emojis which helps to express more emotions.

Enhanced Search Mode

Sometimes we are tired of finding our files like videos, images, documents and audio clips, etc. WhatsApp made it easier for us now we can find out these types of files by searching them on the search bar.

Vanishing Messages

You can send messages by setting time ability after that time these messages will disappear. This is a good initiative through which any important information cannot be leaked.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Dark mode is now available on iOS 13 on Andriod 8 also. Now they are planning to roll out this dark mode feature for the web version. Dark mode helps in preventing battery drainage and eye strains. Hence, This update will be a bonus for who uses WhatsApp on Laptops, PCs.

Multiple device support

Through these features, users can access their accounts with all chats without any breach of user s’ personal data.

Personal group video chats

With this update, users can add more than 8 members in the video call with their loved ones. also, it has end to end encryption which helps data security.

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