Chyawanprash sales jump 4 time due to coronavirus say,dabur ; key takeaways from Q4 results

Dabur : As per the corona virus pandemic situation hit more than billions of lives, consumers’ renewed focus on immunity-boosting and healthcare brands have led to FMCG major Dabur witnessing exponential growth in the sales of its chawanprash range. As Chief Executive Officer of Dabur India Ltd Mohit Malhotra, said “Demand patterns have changed significantly, with consumers increasingly seeking Ayurveda-based interventions for boosting their immunity. We are witnessing around 400% surge in demand for our flagship immunity booster Dabur Chyawanprash and an 80% growth in Dabur Honey,”. The company also released its Q4 and full year results on Wednesday as well.
The spread of the coronavirus outbreak derailed Dabur’s growth trajectory in the fourth quarter of 2019-20. “Quarterly Revenue from Operations was growing by 4.5% till February-end,” but the company posted a revenue decline of 12.3% due to the spread of coronavirus.

Dabur India Ltd reported that Consolidated Revenue from the Operations in Q4 of 2019-2020 at Rs 1,865 crore as against Rs 2,128 crore a year ago. Dabur’s also reported a consolidated net profit for Q4 at Rs 281 crore whereas the same stood at Rs 370 crore a year earlier and also  reported a 2% growth in the revenue from operations at Rs 8,704 crore for the full year 2019-2020. Dabur’s net profit for the full year stood at around Rs 1,445 crore witnessing an increase of 0.2% from Rs 1,442 crore a year.
While Dabur was on the track to the postpositive growth, the lockdown has impacted its business with the company’s portfolio mostly comprising non-essential categories. Although, the company has decided to launch new products which are in line with the changing demand patterns. This includes the items in preventive healthcare and personal hygiene as like Dabur’s Tulsi Drops,  Immunity Kit, Amla Juice, Dabur Giloy-Neem-Tulsi juice, etc. Dabur also debuted in the hand sanitizer category during the lockdown as demand shot up.


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