1st Fire Emblem Game will be arriving on Switch on December 4

Shadow Dragon The blade of light game

On Thursday an announcement made by Nintendo regarding the release of an updated version of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The blade of light game. Fire Emblem series will be going to release on 4th December 2020 for the Nintendo switch. And as for the game, it will be going to launch digitally. And also with it, the 30th-anniversary edition package will be launched. The purchase of the game can only until 31st March 2021.



The company released a trailer for all the announcements made regarding it. You can check it out Official channel on youtube.


The original Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light will be the first released in English in the west. This new and updated version features rewind functionality, fast forward settings, and saves states. And the game includes 20 classes and 50 characters.

The Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Edition of the game will include an NES box, a replica NES Game Pak art piece, a 222-page Legacy of Archanea hardbound art book, a digital game, an NES instruction manual, a fold-out world map, and a Mini Nintendo Power collectible.

Fire Emblem

What else to know about it?

In April 1990 the original game launched in Japan for Famicon. And after that remake made in 2008 for Japan and Europe- Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. And in 2009 it released in North America.

The games of Fire Emblem fates launched in 2015 in Japan. And as for the North American release, it did in February 2016. KOEI Tecmo Games and Intelligent systems, FIreEmblem: 3 Houses Nintendo Switch game launched in 2019. It was one of the top games and the first fire Emblem console since 2007’s Radiant Dawn for the Nintendo Wii. KOEI Tecmo Games, its Omega Force team, and its Team Ninja team also developed the FireEmblem Warriors New Nintendo 3DS and Switch game, which launched in September 2017.


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