6 Best Cheap Graphics Card deals this week

Best Cheap Graphics Card: Graphics Card is the mainframe when it comes to our gaming requirements. If you do not have a dedicated GFX card, then it would virtually impossible for you to engage in seamless gaming.


But, there are a lot of options out there in the market, so which one should you select? There are options that might put a dent in your budget, so let us look at some of the best Cheap Graphics Card options.


Nvidia GTX 1650 Overclocked

Nvidia is known all over the world when it comes to the GFX franchise. It features the new Turing architecture of Nvidia and is loaded with a VRAM of 6Gb. It is a great budget graphics card. We tested this GFX card with a number of games which form the benchmark. It performed surprisingly well delivering an FPS of 111 with games such as Fortnite and PUBG.

Price: $164.99


AMD RX-560 8GB

We have number of fluctuations in the GPU market as of lately. Hence, it means this card is now affordable. It comes with two HDMI ports, one DVI port and two DisplayPorts. We have to say that this is an 8GB card but it is outperformed by its Nvidia counterpart.

Price: $177.97

Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti

This is also a great GPU when it comes to the budget models of a graphics card. This GPU has also elicited frames upwards of 60 FPS on select games. But it all depends on other specifications of your device.

Price: $148.99

Nvidia GeForce GT 1030

This is one of the lesser-known cards out there. This is because most of the time it is easily outshined by its counterparts. But, we have to say that with the right hardware, it can easily get you playable conditions on games such as Witcher 3.

Price: $103.26

Nvidia GTX 1660

If you are willing to stretch your budget a little or find savings elsewhere, this card might be the answer to your problems. This will perform a good 111 FPS depending on the rest of the hardware that you are packing.

Price: $229.99

AMD RX 570

This card is also available for a steal due to the movements at the top shelf. It delivers excellent performance in the benchmarks tests also.

Price: $140.00

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