A New Suicide Squad Game Title Confirmed! Release Date, Developments and more!

Suicide Squad Game: Rocksteady Studios on August 7, confirmed that they are working on a project that was hoped by many DC fans for a long time. They said that we might see a Suicide Squad game soon. Before, the official news came out after months of rumors that were flying all around. The rumors were discovered by the users of ResetEra. They were able to discover domain names related to the Suicide Squad that was registered in the month of June 2020.



Rocksteady releases the picture which shows Superman with a target on his head. The target on his head reads “Suicide Squad.” Also, it has been promised that a DC DanDome virtual event will take place on August 22.

As we know, Batman: Arkham Knight was launched in 2015. So, the fans had a lot of time to think about their dream project. And now they are waiting for what Rocksteady has for them. Some of the best Batman games are Arkham City, Arkham Knight, and Arkham Asylum. And, now we expect that the developers will be having a bit better quality of Suicide Squad.

Release Date: Suicide Squad Game

The only official announcement related to the Suicide Squad is that it is under development. This means that we have only limited information related to it. But, Eurogamer claimed that the ResetEra leak. And also it claimed that Suicide Squad and a new Batman game known as Gotham Knights are under development for the next-gen consoles. Also, WB Montreal teased that Gotham Knights seems to be a Court of Owls game.

Talking about the release date, it is not expected to see Suicide Squad before the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020. So we can expect to see the title in the year 2021 or maybe 2022. Well, we can hope to know more on August 22 during the DC fandom event.

The platforms on which the Suicide Squad will be playable is unknown.


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