A “spicy hot fix” is on its way to Fall Guys next week!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game. The game was released on 4 August 2020. The developer of the game is Mediatonic. The announcement for the game was made at E3 on June 2019.


So, a new “spicy hot fix” update is coming for Fall Guys. It seeks to fix the five most frequent crashes. The update will also improve the UI for the PS4 players.


In the below tweet, we see that the developers have listed the upcoming things in the new patch. We might see the new update next week. The biggest fix will be fixing the five most frequent crashes. Well, this used to frustrate a lot of people. However, you won’t have to experience it anymore.

Here is the twitter post which confirms the update:

In this above tweet, you can find out the patch notes of the new update.

Also, last week it was rumored that a Portal-flavored crossover will be arriving. The data miner, however, shared the images of a Chell-inspired costume, but not the P-body skin, which was launched on 23rd of August, 2020.

Also, we see that the note joke about the yellow team which will not suffer a speed penalty anymore. Well, we all know that it is false. Well, Yellow always loses because they place the bad people in Yellow on purpose.

Here is the launch trailer of Fall Guys: Knockout

Here is the gameplay trailer of Fall Guys: Knockout

You can also look into the Portal-themed skins which will create hype for the reveal of Fall Guys season 2.

Well, it is not clear whether season 2 will come out with some new levels or not.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is playable on the PS4 and PC.


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