Abyss of the Sacrifice game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch, steam in English

Abyss of the Sacrifice for pc

Abyss of the Sacrifice game is a quite tough dystopian escape game. The game introduces five girls who meet each other in an underground city.  Abyss of the Sacrifice game is a mixture of adventure and escape game. There is a mystery in the game one after the other. Also, the voice cast of the adventure parts is wonderful. Also, if you are an escape game fan, the escape part of the game will surely offer a high difficulty level. Now The Game will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC. The release date as revealed by D3 publisher on Thursday is 17 December.


Abyss of the Sacrifice game will launch on 17 December with enhanced ports for Switch and PC:

Misshitsu no Sacrifice game will have its audio in Japanese. In addition, the text will be in various languages including English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Furthermore, the enhanced ports will have the following features:


hint function

nee character mode

touch control functionality for Nintendo Switch

refined graphics

Abyss of the Sacrifice game

Additional Features of the enhanced version of the PSP game, Abyss of the Sacrifice.

In February 2010, Abyss of the Sacrifice game was launched in Japan. The game was originally launched in Playstation portable. Here are some of the key features of the suspense Adventure game. Since the graphics are now reformed the story of Miki and the company appears to be more vivid than ever before. Surely, the game is easier to play and has a better look. Other than the hint function, gallery mode to view the event images have also been added. Also, there is a touch screen support along with out of game illustrations at any time. 

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