Animal Crossing: How to buy, store and sell Turnips?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, consists of an interesting economy. You can make quick bell by selling fruit, fish, bugs and several other items. You will have to make a better income to pay your house bills. Make use of the stock market of the game.


Turnips are now the best way to become wealthy in the New Horizons. This autumn, you will be getting even more options for earning bells. However. Turnips are the most trusted and true method among others.


Buying and selling items in the stock market take a lot of practice. To make huge profits you will have to keep an eye on Timmy and Tommy’s prices and should be aware of when to sell. In this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about selling and buying turnips in the stalk market.

How to buy and store Turnips in Animal Crossing?

The Turnips can be operated on a weekly cycle in Animal Crossing. Every Sunday after unlocking Nook’s Cranny, Daisy Mae, an adorable boar will visit your town and will sell turnips from 5 AM to 12 PM. She will be selling the turnips in a bundle of 10. The price of these bundles will vary every week. You will find the price between 90 and 110 bells per turnip. However, no limit has been set up for you to buy these turnips. She will be selling you turnips as long as you have bells. Buying low is preferable.

Animal Crossing

The turnips that you buy will be spoilt the next Sunday and become worthless. So, to make money you will have to sell the turnips before Saturday evening. When there is no space in your house, drop them on the floor or outside. Well, dropping the turnips outside the house might lead to getting stolen. So, fence the Turnips to prevent them from getting stolen.

If you travel through time then your turnips might get spoilt.

When should you sell the turnips in Animal Crossing?

Timmy and Tommy will begin buying Turnips from you from Monday. You should try selling your turnips for more than 200 bells. In some cases, you can earn from 300 to 400 bells and in rare cases, you can get 600 bells per turnip. However, in some bad weeks, you might have to end up selling your turnips for slightly more than what you paid for getting them.

The price for the turnips in Timmy and Tommy will be changed twice a day.

Here is the Spike Patterns

  • Monday AM: 89
  • Monday PM: 85
  • Tuesday AM: 82
  • Tuesday PM: 78
  • Wednesday AM: 74
  • Wednesday PM: 71
  • Thursday AM: 117
  • Thursday PM: 184
  • Friday AM: 403 bells
  • Friday PM: 175

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is playable on the Nintendo Switch.


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