Animal Crossing New Leaf: Everything you can do during the harvest festival know here!

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Animal Crossing is famous for its in-game holiday celebrations. One of the huge examples is the Harvest Festival, which is the series’ version of American Thanksgiving. Well, new tasks were shared in the November event, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The event revamped the holiday in order to give the players some more challenges to do.


This edition of the holiday will allow the players to interact with several villagers and objects.


Here are the key points of Animal Crossing New Leaf:

  1. The Reward: After completing all the demands of Franklin, the players will be rewarded with a cornucopia which is a unique item.
  2. Finish With Dessert: Franklin can ask for any of the five desserts. Apple pie (apple, lemon, wheat flour, and beehive), cherry pie (cherry, lemon, wheat flour, and beehive), coconut cream pie (Coconut, lemon, sugar, and beehive), banana custard pie (banana, lemon, sugar, and beehive)and full fruit pie (Butter, orange, pear, and lemon).
  3. The Main Course: There are five main course dishes that Franklin can ask for. Barred Knifejaw Sauté (barred knifejaw, butter, round mushroom, and lemon), Olive Flounder Meunière (olive flounder, flat mushroom, wheat flour, and vinegar), Red Snapper Poele (red snapper, skinny mushroom, wheat flour, and lemon), Dab Meunière (dab, skinny mushroom, wheat flour, and vinegar),  and Sea Bass Sauté (Butter, round mushroom, sea bass, and lemon).
  4. Cook Up Soup: The types of soup are fruit soup (cherry, milk, peach, and lemon), shellfish cream (clam, milk, scallop, and butter), and soup de Poisson (olive flounder, red snapper, sea bass, and lemon), mushroom stew (flat mushroom, milk, round mushroom, and butter),  and any of them can be asked by Franklin.
  5. Create A Salad: Salad includes fish salad (horse mackerel, red snapper, vinegar, and lemon), mixed salad (apple, horse mackerel, skinny mushroom, and vinegar), mushroom salad (flat Mushroom, round mushroom, vinegar, and apple), fruit salad (apple, orange, vinegar, and beehive),  and oyster salad (oyster, seaweed, vinegar, and lemon). And, Franklin can ask for any of them.
  6. Villager Trading: This is the most important part of the holiday event. Villages in the chef’s outfits have ingredients like wheat flour, milk, and sugar, so the players can trade their fish for getting these items.
  7. Aquatic Needs: Fishing is also an important part of the holiday. Most of the fishes include ocean fish. Well, the players will need a swimsuit for diving.
  8. Plucking Mushrooms: During the fall season, you will see mushrooms that are growing just next to several trees. These are present throughout the town.
  9. Tree Shaking: Each ingredient is present somewhere in the town. The players will have to shake the trees in order to get the fruits and vegetables.
  10. Talk To Franklin: Franklin is a turkey who arrives at the town plaza during the festival of Harvest. He comes with his complete cooking station.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is playable on Nintendo 3DS.

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