Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Here’s Everything you need to know about fish!

Among many games that Nintendo has created, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is one of them. Pocket Camp one of the most popular games which were played actively while waiting for the upcoming installment.


The game has given a unique twist on the services. This will let the players decorate their own camp and helping out the villagers in order to convince them to move to the camp. One of the main items that the players had to find for the villagers is fish.


How to Fish?

Fishing in Pocket Champ is similar to the other main installments. The players will have to cast their fishing rod and wait for the fish to get trapped, then tap in order to catch the fish successfully. In this game, it is quite easy to catch the fish also, they are available throughout the year.


There are two main locations where you can find fish. If you are interested in river fish, then heading towards the Lost Lure Creek. Well, if you want to catch sea fish, then head down to the beaches of Saltwater Shores. Well, the players can also collect some seashells from the beach.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Market Box

Well, there are some fish that you won’t find swimming around the sea and rivers. Therefore, you will have to get them through the market box of the game. Well, you can’t catch them, but rather can get them at a cheaper price.

Villager Requests

Well, you can use the fish that you caught to complete the requests of the villagers. Villagers are scattered throughout the island. So, you can request them to move to the camp by fulfilling their requests.


Well, the players are not expected to earn much by selling the fish. Well, rare fishes can get you some good amount.

Special Fish

Pocket Camp has a lot of special items in the game. Some unique fishes are- Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, golden variants of common fish, and fish that were shaped like eggs for Bunny Day.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is playable on the Nintendo Switch.


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