Ark- Latest and most popular console commands and cheat codes you need to know!

Ark: After being stranded, staying alive is really a great challenge on an island which is filled with dinosaurs. So, if you have a cheat sheet, your survival might get a bit easier. These cheats come in the form of Ark console commands. The best part is that along with the PC players, the players who are using Xbox One and PS4 can also use these cheat codes. You can activate the God mode, spawn in useful items and dinosaurs using these codes. Also, there are many more methods in which you can improve your game play using these cheats.


If you want to enter the Ark console commands, press the following keys:

  • PC- Tab key
  • PS4- L1, R1, Square and Triangle
  • Xbox One- LB, RB, X and Y

After this, you will see a small bar at the bottom of the screen. Then you will enter the Ark cheats which you want to use in your game. When, you are done then press the same key on your respective console in order to exit. These commands are, however, not case-sensitive.

Ark cheats- Player console commands!

  • god – Prevents all damage apart from drowning. Enters God mode.
  • enemyinvisible – Every creature will leave you alone, even if you are under or you attack.
  • infinitestats – Refill your health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water.
  • leavemealone – Combination of God, InfiniteStats, and EnemyInvisible effects.
  • gmbuff – Combination of God and InfiniteStats effects with extra experience points.

You can check the complete list here.

  • ChangeSize [value] – Adjust your character size according to the value you put, default = 1.
  • Fly – Your character can fly now.
  • Ghost – Your character can pass through the objects like a ghost (no clip mode).
  • Walk – Cancels the effects of Fly and/or Ghost.
  • Teleport – Moves you forward until you collide with an object or terrain.
  • TeleportPlayerIDToMe [PlayerID] – Teleports the specified player to you.
  • TeleportPlayerNameToMe [PlayerName] – Teleports the specified player to you.
  • TeleportToPlayer [PlayerID] – Teleports your character to the specified player.
  • TeleportToPlayerName [PlayerName] – Teleports you to the specified player.
  • TPCoords [Lat] [Lon] [Altitude] – Teleports your character to the specified GPS location.
  • GiveCreativeMode – Takes you in Creative Mode
  • GiveCreativeModeToTarget – Takes the targeted player in Creative Mode.
  • GiveCreativeModeToPlayer [PlayerID] – Takes specified player in Creative Mode.

When you are in Creative Mode, you will have no weight restrictions or requirements for crafting. Crafting can be instant, all engrams are unlocked, InfiniteStats and God effects are applied and many more.

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