Benson will no longer cast on Call of Duty League

The role of a caster is very important when it comes to competitive gaming events. Call of Duty League is the first and one of the biggest gaming events of this year. The sheer competition and the number of good teams are unprecedented.


But, we have seen that one of the most famous casters, Ben “Benson” Bowie no longer works for Activision or the Call of Duty League. He has said he cannot divulge any more information on the same. This is due to his advice from his legal counsel. Hence, let us see what this controversy is all about.


The Tweet by Benson:

To start off with the thing, let us look at what the caster has tweeted. He said, “Hey friends, in case it is not clear, I’m no longer with Activision & the CDL!” the caster wrote. “Unfortunately, I can’t say much due to advice from the legal counsel (that should tell you everything).”

Bowie has later claimed this past week has been the best week of his life. He added that he would give more information on the same when things become more clear.

But, how did it come to this? Let us look at the history of this controversy.

Another fellow caster stepping down:

All of this started when another fellow caster stepped down from the scene. His name is Philip “Momo” Whitfield. He was removed from the position because of allegations of sending inappropriate text messages to women in the scene.

Benson has not confirmed why he had left the company. But a post of Reddit claims he had similar reasons like Momo to step down from the field. One of the insiders on Esports had said on his podcast that another person was being let go because of similar reasons as it happened in Momo case. Although no names were taken, it immediately led to speculation.

The Reddit post was made by Emilia Rose, who was one of the persons who reported on Momo. She has said that this person is definitely Benson and hence, he is being let go.

We would continue to report on the matter once an official statement comes from the person.

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