Bethesda ‘s Doom re-releases with the first official total conversion mod

Bethesda's Doom

Bethesda finally released the first complete conversion add-on for the re-releases of Doom and Doom II. Recently, the publisher confirmed that Rekkr is a Viking themed overhaul which was first released in 2018. It is available now to play in an updated version.


Here’s the trailer


Rekkr is a four-episode, 25-level mega wad. This will be giving a Norse-influenced twist on the game. However, DoomGuy will be replaced with a shipwrecked Viking warrior. the mega wad will be swapping out the hordes of demon for an invading army.

The Nordic taking up the evil invasion has already taken a couple of years. In the recent patch, which will be incorporated with the version of Bethesda’s games.

An update was released at the beginning of the month that allowed the engine to load BeHackEd patches. However, this will be allowing more advanced modifications such as different weapons and new behaviour of the enemies This will be leading to the introduction of Rekkr.

Bethesda ‘s Doom

This year, several add-ons were officially released by Bethesda. Sigil is one of them which was created by John Romero. The first total conversion is in a form of was which will be replacing the huge resources that are available in the original version. Rekkr can be downloaded through the re-release’s in the game in the add-ons menu. However, alternatively, you can check it out from the creators directly if you are currently playing the original version of Doom.

Rekkr is a Viking-themed add-on for Bethesda’s Doom and Doom II. In this add-on, DoomGuy is replaced with a Viking Warrior. 


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