Bugsnax PC is up for pre-order at discount

Bugsnax Pre order

Bugsnax is an upcoming adventure video game. The game was developed by Young Horses which is an independent game studio. It is a single-player game. In the game, the players will have to explore a mysterious island and try to find and capture the eponymous half-bug-half-snack creatures. The game will be launching in December 2020. 


Your role is to explore Snaktooth Island, clicking the pictures of Bugsnax and capturing the creatures. The humanoid creatures that you will be coming across are monsters much like the ones you find in Sesame Street. However, the latest trailer hinted the presence of a darker undertone lying beneath the happy-go-lucky, cheerful atmosphere.


Here’s the complete voice cast of the residents of Snaktooth Island: Bugsnax

  • Yuri Lowenthal
  • Fryda Wolff
  • Max Mittelman
  • Debra Wilson
  • Roger Craig Smith
  • Fred Tatasciore

Kevin Zuhn, the creative director of Bugsnax said that they were able to get all of the voice actors in one room for ensemble recordings. They were very much thrilled to seem them all play off of each other’s energy which was quite wonderful.


The game Bugsnax is currently up for Pre-order. The price of Bugsnax on pre-ordering is $21.24 which was $25 previously.

It is currently exclusive for the Epic Games Store on the PC. Well, it is still a mystery whether the game will be arriving on Steam or not. As you see the game is on sale currently and you can grab it for $21.24 which was previously $25. So, if you are interested in Bugsnax then you can save some bucks. 

Bugsnax will be launching in December 2020. The game will be playable on PS5, PS4 and PC.


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