Call of Duty – Season 5 teased for Warzone and Modern Warfare, everything you need to know!

Call of Duty – Season 5 for Warzone and Modern Warfare is arriving soon. Apart from the teasers and leaks that were shared by the community. But finally, the appropriate picture is becoming clear in front of us. So we might come to know that what lies beyond us.


In this article, we will be mentioning all the information that we have. Also, note that not all the reports might be true or concrete.


Release Date: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 5

Any official announcement regarding the release has not been made to date. But, it seems that Infinity Ward has teased us with the release date of season 5. A popular Call of Duty streamer and YouTuber Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently received a teaser trailer. The trailer showed a time of 10:46 on 5th August 2020 at the top of the video.

The trailer might be hinting that Cod: MW season 5 will be beginning from 5th August. Therefore, season 4 will be ending on 4th August at around 10 am PT.

All the rumors till date

The teaser video depicts the player to be standing inside a train. This might be the fact that the trains are going to play a major role in the Call of Duty – Season 5.

Therefore, we might find desirable loots in the trains this time. The doors might be accessible now. Tunnels and long railway lines are already there on the map of the game.

Also, there are rumors that the Stadium will be open now. The players were able to experience a glitch that allowed them to stand inside the stadium. However, not many things were there. TeePee a Warzone streamer received a clip that gave a glimpse of the Stadium through a CCTV.

Along with the changes in the map, it is being rumored that Highrise might appear in the Call of Duty – Season 5. However, it’s just a leak and doesn’t guarantee its arrival.

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